Gilbert explains why many master condo policy premiums are going up at renewal time and gives tips to condo associations on how to lessen the financial impact.

Gilbert helps first-time homebuyers find the right home with a downloadable worksheet you can use to identify what you want and need in a new house or condo.

We live in a world of vast technological advancement that allows us to do things our parents could only dream of. Unfortunately, as we become more connected, we also become more vulnerable to online hackers. At Gilbert, our goal is to protect you and the things you value, which is why we’ve put together some advice to help keep you safe from cyber security threats.

You have unique exposures as a building owner who leases their property. Gilbert explains why a lessor’s risk policy may help protect you against these threats.

Gilbert Insurance shares three cybersecurity measures that small businesses can take to help prevent a cyberattack and why cyber insurance should be part of this plan.

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is changing the state’s vehicle inspection process. Gilbert helps you understand how these updates may impact you.

After 30 years of insuring individuals, families, and businesses around the Stoneham, MA, area, Schepis Insurance Agency has merged with Gilbert Insurance Agency, Inc.

Gilbert Insurance Agency, Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of seasoned insurance professional Keith Monti. Over the past 13 years, Monti has established himself as an industry specialist in risk management and insurance solutions for contractors, subcontractors, restaurants, auto repair shops, property investors, and more.

If you’re at the beginning of the homebuying process, we know this is an extremely exciting time in your life. However, we also know that the homebuying process might be causing you to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and confused because there are so many things you need to do to find the right house or condo.

With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, including roles in sales, customer service, training, and account management, Carmelina Bernazani now brings her many talents to the Gilbert Insurance Agency, Inc. She will serve as Account Executive for Personal and Commercial lines.