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Gilbert is the leading provider of home insurance in Wakefield MA & renters insurance in Wakefield MA

Over the past six decades, our family-owned and operated insurance company has provided coverage that individuals and families trust for all of their life stages, from renting a place of their own, to taking the exciting step into home ownership, to retiring to a condo community. Regardless of where you live now or where you plan to relocate in the future, Gilbert Insurance knows that each home you choose becomes much more than a roof over your head. It’s the backdrop to your past, present and future life, which is why it is so critical to have the proper renters or home insurance in Wakefield MA. You can be assured that our team of experienced insurance experts will design coverage that is comprehensive, matches your individual requirements, and fits within your price range. Above all, a homeowners insurance policy from Gilbert Insurance will provide security for the individuals you care about most who may live in or visit your house, condo or apartment.

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  • Home Insurance in Wakefield MA
  • Renters Insurance in Wakefield MA
  • Homeowners Insurance in Wakefield MA
  • Condo Insurance
  • Car & Auto Insurance
  • Personal Insurance
  • Water damage Insurance
  • And much more!

Home Insurance in Wakefield MA

Coverage for Homeowners in Wakefield MA

For over Sixty years, the professionals at Gilbert Insurance have been the experts in serving the needs of homeowners around the Greater Boston area including Stoneham, Wakefield, Reading, and North Reading. Home insurance in Wakefield MA will ensure that you have coverage that will cover your home’s replacement value and your possessions, and will protect the very important individuals inside. Our experienced team of customer service representatives is committed to understanding your needs and is always available to offer advice and guidance through “All Stages of Your Life.” If you have a pre-existing homeowners policy, we will take a close look at it and identify any overlooked home insurance items. The most frequent coverage gaps we discover are related to:

  • Adequate Home Replacement Value
  • Identity Fraud Expense Coverage
  • Ordinance or Law Coverage (Covers Building Code Changes)
  • Condo Loss Assessment Coverage
  • Condo and Unit Owners Building Items Coverage
  • Earthquake Damage Coverage
  • Sewer Backup

In addition, our partnerships with the top rated insurance carriers in the country give us access to the most competitive rates and potential discounts such as Bundling Homeowners Insurance and Auto Insurance. In fact, we may be able to help you save upwards of 25% when you combine your home insurance, condo, or rental policy with your auto policy. Trust Gilbert Insurance to meet all your home insurance needs with excellent customer service, a family-style atmosphere and budget-conscious guidance.

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Renters Insurance in Wakefield MA

Renters Insurance in Wakefield MAThere is quite a lengthy list of reasons why renting is often a better choice, and far less stressful, than owning a home. You may have decided to rent for the flexibility it offers, the minimal surprise expenses, the low maintenance costs, the zero taxes, or some other practical reason. There are truly plenty of ways renters are less overwhelmed than traditional home insurance. That being said, there is one critical way in which renting and homeownership are comparable; it is crucial to have renters insurance in Wakefield MA that will ensure protection for all of your personal possessions as well as for you, anybody who visits you, and, if applicable, a pet or roommate. Whether you rent an apartment, condo, town home, single-family home or some other type of residence, your Gilbert Insurance agent will ensure that you have protection for any loss incurred in case of theft, fire, or other peril. Also, when a catastrophe occurs, you may need to relocate or find interim housing. Our comprehensive renters insurance plans generally reimburse you for those expenses. In addition, renters insurance in Wakefield MA is essential to have in place should someone get injured at your residence or hold you accountable for damage to their property. A thorough renters insurance plan will also include replacement costs for luggage or other objects lost or stolen while on a trip or from your vehicle. The effortlessness of renting can swiftly change to a whole lot of hassle and expense if you don’t have the right insurance coverage. Let our team of experts at Gilbert Insurance help you determine what insurance coverage is optimal to protect your style of living.

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Why Choose Us

Gilbert Insurance Owner and President, Mark Gilbert, along with his team of friendly and experienced professionals, has created an environment of collaboration at his agency. It is a neighborhood business where personal insurance customers feel comfortable stopping by, calling or emailing to get quick responses, detailed advice, or claims and account support whenever they need it. At Gilbert Insurance, each client is assigned to a caring and responsive personal insurance representative who will get to know all about you, your family, and your future goals. This intake process is integral to us recommending the appropriate policies for your home, auto, life, and more. The warm, welcoming faces and prompt service you’ll receive from everyone at Gilbert Insurance reflects the very positive and hard-working culture of not only our agency, but also our community. We would truly be privileged if you would choose us for your personal insurance needs, and we look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones into our close-knit “family”.