Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Andover MA

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All businesses throughout Greater Boston and the North Shore are required by the state of Massachusetts to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This is probably not a surprise to business owners like you, but what may be new information is that you and your team of employees have more power than you may think in impacting the premium you will pay.

At Gilbert, our professionals have spent the last 65 years helping businesses of all types and sizes understand the rules and regulations that govern Workers’ Compensation, reduce workplace risk, and access cost-effective business insurance solutions. As your local independent agent, we will partner with you to ensure that you’re not neglecting this critical coverage for your company and we also serve as your one-stop shop for many of your other business insurance needs.

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Workers' Compensation Insurance in Andover MA

Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Andover MA

With very limited exceptions, all Andover MA businesses are required by the state of Massachusetts to have workers’ compensation insurance. Despite this fact, new business owners and well-established ones, alike, may find the workers’ compensation process aggravating because no one has ever fully explained the fundamentals of this crucial coverage and how it works to protect both you and your employees. This is why our team at Gilbert will always begin a new business client relationship by sharing our knowledge and reviewing your current coverage. Our goal is to clear up any questions you may have about workers’ compensation insurance in Andover MA, including whether or not your company may be one of the very few to be exempt, and to identify if you are at risk for any penalties or fines. Helping business owners like you reduce workplace risk and access cost-effective business solutions is a priority for the Gilbert Insurance team.

Read more about workers’ compensation insurance in Andover MA and the additional business insurance offerings from our team. To find out what Gilbert can do for you please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary quote and consultation.

What You Should Know About Workers’ Comp Coverage

Workers' Comp Coverage in Andover MA

When we talk to our business insurance clients about workers’ comp coverage in Andover MA, we often begin the discussion by dispelling common myths; the largest of which seems to be that some businesses don’t need this type of insurance. However, regardless of the number of hours your employees work or if your employees are all family members, you are still required to have workers’ comp coverage in place. It is true that you may be one of the very few companies that could be the exception to the rule, but it’s important to consult with a member of the Gilbert team who will carefully explore your business situation to ensure that you are not putting yourself at risk by ignoring coverage you are required to carry.

Workers’ compensation insurance in Andover MA is much more than a protection for employees of your company; it can help your company stay out of financial trouble by covering costs related to an employee who is injured or taken ill as a result of employment. In addition, you should know that workers’ compensation premiums are not one-size-fits-all. Instead, they are based on a company’s accident history as compared to that of other companies in their industry. By taking the necessary precautions to minimize workplace accidents, you and your employees may be able to significantly impact your insurance costs. While a safe workplace environment starts at the very top with you, the business owner or decision maker, each of your workers can play a role by understanding the best practices in your industry. From scheduling monthly commercial vehicle inspections to always using the correct personal protective equipment to maintaining a clean and orderly environment, implementing workplace safety can lead to not only a low accident experience but as much as a 25% decrease in your cost of insurance.

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Why We’re the Trusted Choice for Local Businesses

Since 1951, the Gilbert Insurance Agency has been committed to offering knowledgeable, professional advice and friendly customer service to commercial clients in Andover MA and the Greater Boston area. Over the long-term, our experience has led Gilbert to partner with only the top carriers that can provide our clients with a wide variety of high quality and cost-effective business insurance solutions. Workers’ comp coverage in Andover MA is no exception. Several of our carriers offer discounts off the standard workers’ comp coverage rates for specific types of businesses, and larger companies may also be eligible for a workers’ compensation dividend program, which compensates qualifying employers in the form of dividend payments based on how well their policy performed in regards to claims. Contact Gilbert Insurance today with all of your workers’ compensation insurance questions. We will gladly provide you with a complimentary review of your current policy as well as share everything you need to know about this important coverage.