Accident Forgiveness: What You Need to Know

Accident forgiveness is one of the newer optional benefits offered with many car insurance policies. Not sure how it works? Here’s an example — you get in an accident with damages exceeding $1000 dollars, which is easier than you may think now days with computer sensors and cameras all located inside car bumpers. Without accident forgiveness, you could face increased insurance premiums for the next 6 years. With accident forgiveness, however, you may be able to avoid these increased charges simply by purchasing this affordable endorsement. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Here are a few more things to know if you’re considering adding accident forgiveness on to your car insurance policy:

1) Accident forgiveness only works if you have a clean driving record.

In order to be able to use accident forgiveness, you must have a clean driving record. If you are married and have a spouse on your policy, know that your accident forgiveness will not cover them unless they also have a clean driving record. Talk to your independent agent to make sure accident forgiveness will work for you.

2) You must have at least 6 years of driving experience to qualify for accident forgiveness.

This is especially important to know if your kids are on your insurance policy or if you are a new driver, regardless of your age.

3) You have to stay with your current carrier for accident forgiveness to continue to work.

Remember, even though charges from points are waived with accident forgiveness, the driving points incurred from an accident will still be added to your record. This means that if you decide to move your insurance to a different insurance carrier, they will see the points on your record and set your rates accordingly.

4) You have to report the accident to your insurance carrier directly for accident forgiveness to apply.

In order for accident forgiveness to apply, you must report the at-fault accident to your carrier directly. Meaning, if your insurance company is notified by the other party in the accident, your accident forgiveness won’t apply.

5) Accident forgiveness is a one and done kind of coverage.

Once you use the accident forgiveness benefit on your policy, it cannot be used again for any other accident on your policy, even if another operator is involved, until your driving record clears, so for at least 6 years.

For many drivers, accident forgiveness is a great addition to any car insurance policy. Want to learn more about this money saving endorsement? Give Gilbert Insurance a call today at (781) 942-2225 or visit our website!